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Diagnostic Imaging and
Image Guided Procedures ••••••••••••••••••••••

ALL Close to Home.

Atlantic Radiology provides local access to premier diagnostic and interventional radiology in Southeastern New Hampshire. 


Formerly known as Portsmouth Radiology, our reputation of excellence reaches back 50 years.  While the name has changed and the practice has grown, our mission remains the same;  to provide the highest level

of care close to home.

Known for introducing cutting edge procedural and diagnostic imaging care, Atlantic Radiology is unique in its ability to serve our patients.  

No longer is it necessary for our patients to travel to large metropolitan hospitals to access a high level of imaging and image guided procedural care.  Atlantic Radiology is able to provide expert diagnostic and interventional radiology care close to home. 

Atlantic Radiology is here to serve your needs.  We treat you like our neighbor because we are your neighbor.

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