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Musculoskeletal Imaging

Musculoskeletal Radiology is the imaging evaluation of disorders of the bones, muscles, joints, and spine.  Using a wide variety of imaging techniques including X-ray, CT, Ultrasound, and MRI our radiologists expertly assess sports and occupational injuries, hereditary and metabolic disorders, degenerative conditions, tumors and arthritis.


Our subspecialty trained musculoskeletal radiologists are graduates of a dedicated Harvard Medical School fellowship program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  During this training they have worked with some of the top orthopedic surgeons and rheumatologists in the country, including team physicians caring for professional athletes.  Previously available to the top players of Boston sports teams, their expertise is now accessible to you!


In addition to diagnosis, our practice offers a comprehensive array of image guided therapies including joint and soft tissue injections, arthrography, myelography, tumor biopsy and spine procedures.


Our musculoskeletal radiologists will utilize their extensive knowledge base and experience for your benefit, and understand how disruptive injuries and painful conditions can be.  As active individuals ourselves, we are dedicated to providing an accurate, comprehensive evaluation in both adults and pediatric patients- from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete to the aging competitor.

musculoskeletal image
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