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Welcome to Atlantic Radiology.  Our practice is made up of highly skilled diagnostic and interventional radiologists.  We are committed to leading the industry with our cutting edge procedural and diagnostic imaging care.  Our team of carefully selected radiologists and professionals represent a full range of subspecialties including:   interventional radiology neuroradiology,  musculoskeletal imagingprostate MRI imagingbreast imaging and  body imaging

We are a leader in health care due to our approach to serving our client's needs. Our group has often introduced cutting edge procedural and diagnostic imaging care even before some of our prestigious neighbors to the South, North and West.

Some examples of our cutting edge care:


(High Field Strength) MRI:

The clinical GE 3 Tesla MRI at Portsmouth Regional Hospital is the only high definition MRI platform on the seacoast providing exquisite level detail aiding in accurate diagnosis.  We are proud that the installation of the GE 3 Tesla MRI at Portsmouth Regional Hospital was done ahead of even the Boston centers allowing us to provide a higher level of service to our patients.

Acute Ischemic Stroke Intervention Program:

The development of our Portsmouth acute ischemic stroke intervention program delivers the highest

level of acute intervention for stroke.  Atlantic Radiology was the first to offer 24/7 interventional stroke coverage in New Hampshire.


Interventional Oncology Program:

For over six years our interventional oncology program has offered new minimally invasive options

for many cancer patients including tumor ablation and arterial procedures such as Yttrium-90.  These therapies were available in Portsmouth earlier than at many other regional medical centers.

Our Practice

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